Video/DVD/Film Scripts

  • "Newport - An Ocean of Opportunities," Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce, Newport, Oregon. DVD encouraging businesses to relocate to Newport.
  • "Newport - An Ocean of Attractions," Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce, Newport, Oregon. Tourism DVD.
  • Pagsta Motorcycles - DVD Scripts for Class and Associates. In-house productions for salespersons and new distributors.
  • Mazda R&D, Irvine, California for Jon Tierney Productions/Silver Dream Factory. In-house DVD for presentation by R&D for concept car presentation to headquarters in Japan.
  • "Escalator!," feature comedy script recently completed.
  • "IF," feature fantasy script in progress.
  • "The Show Might Go On," feature comedy script in progress.
  • "Transfusion," feature script for Silver Dream Factory, Laguna Niguel, California.
  • "Doesn't Matter," feature drama script for independent company.
  • "Leave Me Alone," music video script.
  • "Little Miss Lover," music video script for BB Chung King and the Screaming Buddha Heads featuring Lou Diamond Phillips.

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