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by Tricia Ariane Morgan



Security Guard Henry Harris races to devise a means of escape for 21 helpless victims trapped when an escalator stalls at Santa California Galleria Mall during the Christmas season. The mishap escalates to a wacky disaster when an RGB-TV news arrives to provide team coverage of the Mall 21 DeathWatch.

In-studio experts and reactions from celebrities and the world augment the station's live, on-the-scene interviews with victims and spectators, including picketers and mourners who have set up a memorial to the victims as the disaster unfolds in real time.

A continuous news crawl highlights other news ("God says world to end at 7 pm. Details at 11.") while the mall becomes filled with an increasingly odd array of characters.

The disaster also affects the Santana High football team's Civil War Game with the Mahatma Gandhi High Rebels because two cheerleaders critical to the formation of a pyramid are among the victims. Other victims include Father Irving O'Flanagan, a conflicted priest; Ivana Beloved Bayou, a drag queen; James Van Edward, a psychic medium with a syndicated TV program; two political refugees from Quebec; and an Hispanic Santa, Maurice Molina, and his elf, Willie Escargot.

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